Voltage reduction or optimisation as its also called was developed by the Japanese in 1993. The evolution in the UK started about a decade ago with fixed reduction transformers. Fast forward to 2011 and voltage optimisation is a key solution in energy saving and carbon foot print reduction. Its most recent stage of evolution comes with the introduction of Intelligent Power Optimisation as the logical progression to this key energy saving solution.

Voltage optimisation products are available in 4 different technologies;
1) Fixed type reduction,
2) Variable Optimisation Products using Variac/motorised based stabilisation,
3) Variable Optimisation Products using Relay based stabilisation and finally,
4) the measurable, maintenance free, solid state, fit-and-forget technology of iVolt’s Intelligent Power Optimisation solution.

Intelligent Power Optimisation, unlike fixed reduction units provides maximum energy saving attainable (up to 30% more) without the risk of under-voltage. It will also enhance the power quality by smoothing out all variations in the supply and further enhancing 3 Phase installations by balancing all 3 Phases. Our Solid State, micro processor controlled iVolt will correct and stabilise the mains supply to 220V +/-1.5 at a speed in excess of 1250Volts/Second.

Microprocessor technology adds state of the art functionality like the patented iVolt IRT which allows the user to measure ENERGY SAVING IN REAL TIME without resorting to theoretical assumptions/calculations or taking the VO on/off line to compare before and after energy consumption. This is a huge step forward in identifying the true project costs and savings that have been achieved.

The company behind iVolt is the Sollatek Group with over 30 years global experience in voltage stabilisation/reduction has now shifted focus to help the UK market by applying its technology in this field. Backed up by a strong UK based R & D team who have designed and manufactured products in harsh power quality environments, the iVolt is a hybrid of the successful Sollatek AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) with over 5000 installations worldwide.

Intelligent Power Optimisation revealed and how IRT® Energy Monitor provides the definitive ROI measurement to the Energy Buyer

As every energy manager’s main concern is the amount of energy saved and return on investment, the IRT will deliver on this concern by measuring the saving in real time. Using its in-built algorithm, the iVolt will gently remove optimisation and re-instate it at pre set times in a pre-defined cycle. Taking full power consumption measurement at every stage, the iVolt will compare real energy saved with or without optimisation. This takes place without user input. Up 90 days worth of data will be saved to its memory bank for downloading or polling remotely (TBA).

The iVolt will show the maximum saving optimisation can deliver with its accurate stabilised out of 220V +/-1.5%.

Case studies so far has shown iVolt optimisation can produce saving up to 18% in a general office/warehouse environment. Higher savings (>18%) has been made possible in a specialist food manufacturing company where refrigeration load is a significant portion of the over all load.