iVolt’s LED and Voltage Stabilisation ranges are designed in-house and manufactured by its parent company Sollatek. Sollatek’s highly skilled in-house design team are based at the companies headquarters in Langley, UK.

Manufacturing takes place in three locations around the world using state of the art production technology. This includes:

  • 2x Prolumen spheres for optical LED design
  • Fully automated LED production lines with 100% optical online testing
  • Run-in tunnels for checking lumen output
  • IP rooms for water and dust ingress testing
  • PCB production using SMD machines
  • Clean rooms
  • Vacuum impregnation machine for transformer manufacturing

Sollatek’s product verification process covers five key areas.

  • Photometric
  • EMC
  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Mechanical


All products manufactured for iVolt are tested by our QA/QC department prior to dispatch to the end user.