Voltage levels provided by power companies in the UK and other countries are not typically matched to the optimum level for most electrical equipment. Voltage Optimisation is a method of reducing mains voltage to save energy, reduce costs and maximise equipment efficiency. Using Voltage Optimisation with electrical equipment such as refrigeration or air cooling devices, 3-phase motors, high-intensity discharge or fluorescent lighting, will reduce energy consumption and create real financial savings. Voltage Optimisation also increases the service life of electrical equipment by running at the lower voltages that the equipment was designed to run at.


In Europe, generating companies are required to provide customers with a voltage between 207V and 253V. The average voltage across the UK is 245V, but levels can fluctuate significantly throughout the day on each site. Across Europe, the standard voltage has been historically 220V.

As a result, most electrical equipment is designed and specified to operate most effectively and efficiently at 220V. Providing equipment with higher voltages actually reduces efficiency and leads to wasted energy.

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