Features Benefits
Unique IRT Energy Monitor® technology (patent pending) with cloud based portal (optional) Measures and reports actual energy savings accurately.
Analytical tool for energy and engineering managers. Day by day analysis of savings, consumption and power
Stabilisation over wide voltage range up to 12% reduction Maximises energy and cost savings when incoming voltage is high
Maintains stable voltage even if site voltage drops to 220V Eliminates risk of “brown outs” and equipment failure when fixed tap systems are set too low.
Active voltage stabilisation at ±1.5% of 220V Over 90% of UK sites would save more energy with an iVolt® compared to leading fixed reduction systems
Independent 3 phase control Active phase balancing, improved power quality to enhance equipment life
Solid state thyristor technology using zero volt switching No moving parts in the power circuits, no annual maintenance required and no ‘chopping’ of the waveform
In-built electronic failsafe mode design with automatic integral bypass Maintains continuity of supply to site
Removal of voltage spikes and surges Added protection for site equipment and improved power quality
Manufactured with low loss component technology The iVolt® is over 99.4% efficient at full load and maximises energy savings
Reliable and proven technology built in ISO9001 accredited facilities All iVolt® units have a 15 year guarantee and are manufactured to relevant BS Standards.
Over 440,000 units manufactured since 1987
RS485 and USB data communications Fully integrable into building management software systems
USB port on main unit for data download Ease of data extraction