Voltage Optimisation can be achieved with typically traditional fixed step-down transformers or variable voltage regulators/stabilisers. Depending on site characteristics, step-down transformers are installed to reduce the voltage by a fixed percentage ranging from 4% to 8%.

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The iVolt® is an award winning innovative variable voltage regulator/stabiliser that automatically adjusts the incoming voltage to ensure that the output voltage is always constant at 220V ± 1.5%. The iVolt® will deliver a voltage reduction of up to 12% whenever possible.


iVolt® Technical Overview

Voltage Stabilisation: At the heart of the iVolt® are independently controlled auto-transformers. There are 9 tap-settings for maximum accuracy, with thyristor-based switching between each tap. The iVolt® uses the latest in thyristor switching technology to ensure stability and reliability.

A programmable micro-controller system controls the tap switching. Measuring the incoming voltage over 3,000 times per second, it selects the appropriate tap by activating the thyristor switch. The micro-controller also measures relevant frequency of the mains supply and compensates accordingly. This means that the iVolt® will work automatically over a frequency range of 45 – 75Hz and down to as low as 30Hz for short periods to help cope with diesel generator loading problems.

This combination of controllable autotransformers and a micro-controller system results in a voltage stabiliser which has no moving parts and responds quickly to voltage variations, providing a stable output voltage at 220V.

Spike Protection as standard: The iVolt® helps protect electrical equipment from damaging voltage spikes and surges, achieving this in two ways. Firstly, it is fitted with class II heavy duty surge arrestors at the input. In addition, the unit is fitted with Sollatek 3Ph DSP units, which incorporate Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV) at both input and output. These two design features have the joint function of protecting both the iVolt® and also all site equipment. Secondly, further MOVs are fitted on each power input to the circuit board, to protect the iVolt®’s low-voltage circuitry. The combined effect is a significant reduction in the risk of damage to site equipment, a highly reliable unit and a further improvement in power quality.

How is iVolt® different?

Real Time Energy Measurement: Integrated into every iVolt® is the unique IRT Energy Monitor® technology (patent pending), that enables accurate tracking of energy saving. This is the only voltage optimisation device on the market that can accurately show in real time what savings are being achieved at any given time.

Other voltage optimisers have to rely on theoretical ‘modelling’ assumptions, that look at production output, weather and other factors to verify savings, with data collected over several months to create a representative sample. iVolt® has an internal monitoring system, which effectively replaces the need for an Automated Targeting & Metering System (AT&Mr) system. It records energy consumption in kWh, energy saved in kWh and £, carbon and Co2 , input and output voltage, current and power factor.

It records data to its internal microprocessor in 15 minute intervals which are then uploaded to a cloud based client portal every day. As the data is collected twice as frequently as Half Hour Metered Data (HHD) and is recorded to three decimal places, it is far more accurate than the HHD. Clients can access the information through a USB port on the front of the unit or through our secure cloud based portal which receives the data from the units GPRS modem. Multiple sites/units can be monitored and energy consumption and savings can be measured on a daily/weekly/monthly or yearly basis without the need to revert to external resources. iVolt provides power factor improvements. It sets the voltage supplied to the load at the ideal level and automatically regulates the system which gives optimum performance on all three phases regardless of input voltage fluctuations.

IRT Energy Monitor® Technology


Using sophisticated software algorithms and the iVolt® variable voltage technology, the IRT Energy Monitor® measures the voltage output in an optimised and non-optimised state every 15 minutes to compare energy consumption, with and without optimisation over a defined period.

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